We Stand Behind Our Products

Frommelt Equipment Company is dedicated to bringing you the best in loading docks, industrial doors, and more.

Dock & Warehouse Safety

Our safety products protect your employees and endure the abusive environment of loading docks and warehouses.

High Speed Doors

High speed doors keep your equipment and personnel moving while limiting exposure to environmental and security risks.

Commercial Doors

If you have a hole in a wall, we have a door to fit it!  Manage your environment while ensuring jobsite safety.

Lifts, Mezzanines, & Ramps

Whether you’re moving product between levels or raising a truck we can give you a lift.

Warehouse Ventilation Systems

A proper ventilation system is critical for keeping your employees comfortable and your environment under your control.

In-Plant Partitions

We offer partitions that can secure and area, create shelter, or control the environment.

Door Protection Products

We offer products that protect your door investment and reduce maintenance costs.

Truck Snow Removal Systems

Clear snow from your trucks safely and efficiently.


We proudly supply products from these manufacturers to ensure we meet your business’ needs.